Our Services

At Pristine Paws Mobile Dog Grooming, we specialise in Mobile Dog Grooming Services in a specially converted van.

We are based in Staffordshire and groom your dog in a specially converted van at your home or place of work.

Our Services provide a full grooming kit including hydrobath, grooming table, shampoos, conditioners and water. All we ask is for a space to park our vehicle within 25 metres of your home or place of work and access to a 13 amp power socket.

  • Grooming (including bathing, drying and professional shampoo)
  • Warm water hydro bath
  • Washing and hand drying
  • Brush out and de-matt
  • Trimming
  • Clipping & Scissor Cutting
  • Hand-stripping
  • Nails clipping
  • A health check including cleansing of the ears and eyes
  • Anal glands


For more information on our products, services, pricing and coverage, call Simon on 07970 295312 or alternatively you can contact us via our Facebook Page.